Meet the President

President of Clan MacKenzie USA, James Mounce 



Introduction of the new President January 1, 2016

I was asked to give a short bio on myself for those who do not know me.  Here it is…  My membership in Clan MacKenzie started back in 1993, right after my father passed away.  I attended my first games that Spring and had a blast!  The Costa Mesa Scottish Games were held on Memorial Day weekend and I joined Clan MacKenzie of SoCal that day.   My mother (Kaye McKinney Mounce) recognized my enthusiasm for the games and paid my membership dues for the year.  Later, I became a clan tent cavalier in SoCal and hosted the tent at four local games for six years at Loch Prado, Costa Mesa, Queen of Hearts (aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA) and San Diego, where I first met Diana Gabaldon.  Diana came to the San Diego Scottish Games and did a reading from a book that she had just written called Outlander.  Ever heard of it?  It has now become a series of books and an award winning mini-series on the Starz Network.  The adventures of Jaime MacKenzie Fraser and his wife Claire have become a worldwide phenomenon and have sparked a great deal of interest in the Clan MacKenzie.  

In 1996, I went crazy and bought a kilt with all the bells and whistles when I decided to become serious about my ancestry and became a Life Member of Clan MacKenzie Society in the USA.  I have been enjoying and learning about my Scottish roots ever since and have loved doing it for 22 years now!  Having relocated to Charlotte in 1999, I was appointed a Commissioner in North Carolina and have hosted tents in the Southeast for 16 years now, including Grandfather Mountain, Waxhaw, Mint Hill and my home games at Loch Norman in Charlotte, NC.  In 2000, I attended a clinic on the Heavy Games and then competed at Waxhaw, NC finishing in 6th place amongst the amateurs on my first attempt.  In 2013, I had the opportunity to meet Chief John, Cabarfeidh, and his wife at the Charleston, SC games.  It was a treat to meet them and share a cup of tea at the Annual General Meeting and later shared a malted beverage with Chief John at lunchtime.  I am proud to be a supporter of the Clan MacKenzie and to be named Lieutenant to Cabarfeidh, a s President of the CMSUSA.    

That said, every year I look forward to the Scottish season kicking off and can hardly wait to get the truck packed and start setting up the tent.  The next three years will be no different.  Besides, I always end up buying a few new toys each year, to show off in the tent, and love talking to members and future members.  It is great fun and I hope to share my passion with those who have an interest in Scotland and in Clan MacKenzie in particular.  Why?  Because being a MacKenzie is awesome!  I hope you think so as well?  It is a rich heritage that we share with an amazing history.  By the way, did I mention that for work I am in sales?  Yep, I talk for a living… and I love to share the wealth of stories that I have heard with anyone who will stand still long enough to listen.   

Enough about me, I would love to meet each and every one of you and if you get to the Carolinas, I would love to hear YOUR MacKenzie story.  If you have the opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting at Loon Mountain this September, which will be amazing, please do.  I will be there.  Maybe we can talk over a cup of tea or perhaps something a bit stronger.  Looking forward to my tenure as President of Clan MacKenzie Society in the USA and sharing good times with our members, our extended family. 

Yours aye, James